About Me

My name is Susan Low. I am from Victoria, BC, Canada, in the traditional territories of the Lekwungen people. My professional background is in business and entrepreneurship, and I have also worked in the non-profit sector and been an elected official. Nowadays, I am happily employed with the provincial government.

I have been blogging without fanfare since 2000 under various domain names. This site is dedicated to my sewing hobby, which I’ve been passionate about since 1996. Over 24 years I have bought, sewed and swapped more fabric than I can even imagine, and learned to make almost any garment my heart desires.

Most of my sewing is for my own wardrobe, and I occasionally do costumes or gifts for close friends and family. This is a hobby and so doing it for money would wreck all the fun. Blogging about my sewing is intended to be a reflective activity and a way of sharing the joy of sewing with others.

I sew on some pretty simple machinery:

  • My primary sewing machine is a Kenmore bought in 2000. It has no digital features but it keeps truckin’ like a good workhorse.
  • I have a Janome 204D purchased in 2003. Another good workhorse machine!
  • In 2019, I added a Singer coverstitch to my menagerie. It was a pain in the butt so I sold it, and acquired a Brother CV3550 Coverstitch which is capable of the top coverstitch (it has five threads).

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