My little boy desperately needed some pyjamas, and that’s just about the only thing he’ll wear that I make anyways, so I figured to go for it. The only problem is that the patterns I have for him are all from years ago, so the biggest size is 8 and my little guy may be 8, but he’s also in the 90% percentile for height but the 50th percentile for weight. So I needed to make things LONG and SLIM.

This is the pattern photo – not my kid.

This pattern has raglan sleeves and a neck band, and short or long sleeves. I went with short sleeves because he tends to get a bit hot at night. I used some great blue organic cotton that a friend picked out for me at a sale at Our Social Fabric, in around 2009 I think. So this is a big time stash-bust!

The pattern was really easy, but because I was working quickly I kind of bungled up the neckline. I thought it was a good idea to put KnitStable stretch interfacing along the neck band to give it some body so it wouldn’t twist, but then the neckband didn’t stretch to ease into the neck opening properly. No matter – he’s not picky and he really loves it! The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable, and I have to say I wish there was enough left for me to make a pair of PJs for myself! This was the tail end of 6m of fabric and now it’s gone… Sniff.

He’s all grows up!

This one's mine! :D
This one’s mine! 😀

By suelow