I gave myself the day off today so I could have a proper weekend, and spent the day making another garment as part of the Pattern Stash-busting Contest on PatternReview.com. This pattern is copyright 2004 and I can’t honestly remember when I acquired it, but I know it’s no longer in print! It may have come from a fabric stash swap – wherever it came from, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Pattern envelope image
Pattern envelope image

I decided to make this with some camel-coloured fine-wale corduroy that I got from a garage sale last summer for $5, but I also knew that the whole skirt would look a little granny if it was all corduroy. The gift of a large fabric stash is that there’s always something to pull out of the stash! I happened to have this great stretch gabardine which is the EXACT colour match to the corduroy. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better match if I’d ordered the dye lots together.

Just the skirt, on the dress form
Just the skirt, on the dress form (please excuse the messiness of my loft)

The different textures create a really nice contrast, but the fabrics have pretty similar drapes because the corduroy is really light. I added about 2 inches in length to the bottom, which I’m glad about because I can now wear this with my brown boots and it won’t look high-water.

The fabric layout for this pattern was quite tricky – I’ll admit that I didn’t follow the suggested layout in the pattern, so it turned out that I needed to piece the lower front segment because I couldn’t get it laid out in one piece. Oops. I top stitched all the seams at the sides and the front though, so it does look okay, in my opinion.

The best part about this skirt is that when it’s put together with the blouse I made yesterday, it makes a whole outfit that actually looks planned. Huzzah!

The under-appreciated Vogue top with the kickass skirt - makes it all better!
The under-appreciated Vogue top with the kickass skirt – makes it all better!

By suelow